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Friday, September 12, 2008

On Public Service

I was thinking today about pubic service or community service. I am sure part of this was brought on by last night's political forum at Columbia University. The format was very similar to the earlier forum on religion at Saddleback Church with Rick Warren. I did not watch nor listen to all that much of last night's event, but I did hear part of John McCain's interview. He spoke very highly of service to the nation, especially through service in the Armed Forces. This was made even more poignant by the fact that three of the four candidates have children either already or about to be deployed to the Middle East.

Today I had lunch with she who must be obeyed at a local eatery. Sitting across from us was a lady and a young man who I suspect was her son. He was dressed in his camouflage BDU's. I do not know if he was home on leave or about to be deployed or stationed somewhere fairly locally. Any of those are reasonable. As I watched him there, I was moved in a way that totally surprised me. I was genuinely proud of this young man. I am sure I had never laid eyes on him in my life, but I was proud of him.

I have made a point not to stray into politics here. Regardless of your opinion of the current administration or which one you want to replace it, the young men and women who wear the uniform of our Armed Services are to be respected. We, as Americans, should be proud of those who perform this valuable public community service.

As the father of three sons, I thought about the day they are finishing high school and deciding what to do with their lives. I will not push them in any one particular direction, but I want them to know that the defense of your nation and freedom is a noble profession.

May God bless and protect those who bravely protect us.


Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Well said.

Liz said...

Samuel's mentioned to us that he might like to be in the military. Of course, he's got 10 years to go before making such a decision, but I told him much the same -- that it would be an awesome choice if that's what he wants to do. We shall see!