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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Too Many Blogs

I get too many blogs fed into my Google reader. There you have it. I admit it. As I migrated my blog back over to its place on blogger, I made a few very minor changes. One was to update my blog roll. Blogger has a nice little feature that will import them right from reader along with the latest post title. When I did that, I realized just how many blogs I feeds I subscribe to. It is truly ridiculous. I don't have time, or really even the desire to read all of that. The problem is that I don't know what I should delete. I guess I'll just leave them all there for now. I don't read everything posted, but I do scan them all for the things that interest me. I do make a point to read the blogs of my friends. Those are my favorites. Some of you that read mine are listed in my blog roll. So I would like to give a little shoutout to my friends who blog. (I could have turned all these into links, but that would be very time-consuming. They are all listed on the left):

  • .Ross (Ross Strader)
  • Missio Dei (Mark Kuykendall)
  • Larry's Thoughts (Larry Reeves)
  • Blessed With Grace (Lisa Morgan)
  • Right Here…Right Now (Lana Howell
  • Our Blessed Family (Liz Reeves)
  • Todd Blog (Todd Wright)
  • Bethel Bible Church Blog

Grace & Peace


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Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Thanks John for the shout out!!